I can admit when I am wrong. Could I always do this? No. I remember when I was afraid of the consequences of being wrong, so I just remained silent. Or, I didn’t even try at something new because I didn’t want to be wrong.

Luckily I learned fairly quickly, that it is ok to make mistakes and it is important to admit when you are wrong.

Unfortunately, we all know people who always think they are “right” or never admit to their mistakes. We may be able to limit our contact with these people in our personal lives, but what if one of these people was your supervisor? How hard would that be?

One of the keys to success as a leader is to take risks and to try new things. When you try something new it can be a complete success, an utter failure, or fall somewhere in between. If it is a success, it is important to celebrate that success with your team/employees. If it falls short of success, and especially if you made the wrong decision, it is important to admit the mistake to your team/employees and move on with a new plan.

As a leader you are a role model. Many of your employees, especially the younger ones who are new to the working world, look to their managers and supervisors for examples of how to act in order to be successful.

Be a good role model – admit when you are wrong, and help your employees learn from their mistakes as well.

Successful leaders are people who can admit to being wrong when they are wrong. They will also admit to making mistakes and move on from there. I hope you are one of these leaders.