I have a friend who is always telling me that she needs to get more done. She says it every time we talk on the phone, usually preceded by a list of things she has accomplished for the week. In my mind, she is constantly getting things done! She is running errands, working from home, catching up with loved ones, or just generally being productive.

So today when she again confessed her need to do more, I told her that I think she needs to take a pause.  The idea came to me today when I caught a beautiful view from my window. As I watched the sun set over the Milwaukee skyline, I felt incredibly grateful for all the people that helped me get from where I was to where I am. I felt proud of the daunting choices and hard work that got me to this moment. I took a pause and reflected on what came before without being concerned about what comes next.

Sometimes, we can let so many things in life pass us by without ever even thinking about their importance, and instead just pushing ourselves toward planning for the future. I would encourage you to find some space and time this week to pause and consider what has been going well. This isn’t a time to add tasks to your to-do list, but rather as a moment of quiet celebration before you keep pushing through what’s next.

Only after we’ve paused can we feel peace enough to press play on what’s next.