Cheering ExecutiveThe score is 1 – 1 and there are 2 minutes and 16 seconds left in the District Championship Boys High School soccer game. Number 19 and the rest of the team set up for a corner kick play that they’ve practiced hundreds of times. The ball is kicked in, floats through the air in front of the net and #19 heads the ball into the net! The winning goal! Success! All of his teammates come running down the field to celebrate this goal with him, jumping in the air and screaming!

Celebrating success. We are used to seeing it on the sports field, but how often do we see it in the workplace?

It is important to celebrate success – your own success, as well as that of your team or organization. Everyone craves some sort of recognition for their accomplishments. When is the last time you celebrated something that you or your team achieved?

Tips for Celebrating Success

1)    Take time on a regular basis to review what you and your team have achieved. It’s pretty common for us to worry more about what we didn’t get done or what we still have to do, than to celebrate our accomplishments. Well… take that first step and recognize your achievements!

2)    Provide positive feedback and recognition. Everyone likes to get positive feedback and to be recognized for success. Make it a point to provide your staff with positive, genuine feedback regularly.

3)    Say “Great Job!” or “Well Done!” Just saying those simple words is a form of celebrating success.

Even if you are not that #19 who is scoring that winning goal on the soccer field, you have successes in your life every day. CELEBRATE THEM!