Leadership PicDo you ever get that feeling of overwhelm, or of not being sure what step to take next in order to be successful? I do. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with a number of things this summer, so I decided what I really needed was a vacation!

During my vacation, an opportunity presented itself for me to do a high ropes course challenge. My first thought was, “Wow, walking on wires, ropes, and logs 35 feet in the air, that’s probably not a good idea.” Then I thought about it. What better way to get myself out of my comfort zone and show myself what I can really do.

So I did it! It was extremely scary but I was very glad that I did it. I took some time after completing all sixteen obstacles in the air to reflect on what I learned from this experience. (Ok, I did fall off one of the obstacles, so in essence I didn’t complete that one fully!)  Below are 15 things I learned from my stepping out of my comfort zone and onto the high ropes course.

1)       I can do it, even though it looks almost impossible.
2)       I can succeed if I have trust in those around me.
3)       I am a good problem solver.
4)       Taking the first step makes it easier.
5)       Everything’s always going to be ok.
6)       You can always get back up and try again.
7)       Holding on tighter to where you are does not make it easy to move ahead.
8)       Take one step at a time.
9)       Don’t be afraid to look ahead a little.
10)      You can’t get to the other side without taking the first step.
11)      Someone else’s issues are theirs, they are not mine.
12)      Sometimes things look harder than they really are.
13)      You have to approach any obstacle with confidence.
14)      I am stronger, physically, than I thought especially in my upper body.
15)      Just do it! Don’t hesitate.

We started the challenge very early in the morning, but I think I was still shaking at the end of the day. It was scary but exhilarating!

What can you do to step out of your comfort zone?