I am currently working on one of the saddest and most boring projects of my short career. Unfortunately, this is not a joke. I am going through the massive list of children waiting to be served by our organization to let them know that we do not have the means to serve them. It is tedious and it is difficult to explain that to parents in need.

I am not required to do this project. In fact, it was originally slated to be given to somebody else. So why am I taking the time?

Because my boss gives excellent perspective. She has taken the time to explain to me why this project is important, laid out the steps to get it done over time, and also explained why I seem like the right person to accomplish it. Of course, she could have just told me to do it as she is my boss and she determines my salary, but she didn’t do that. She made it obvious that she values my skills and input and gave perspective on why this job matters to the company.

By cleaning up the waitlist, we can better serve children and be more accountable to our community. I now realize that and appreciate the task at hand, no matter how tedious. But without that perspective, I would be much less motivated.

What perspective do your employees need? Have you helped them to understand why their jobs matter? It may seem like an unnecessary extra step, but it might have a big impact on how hard they work and how they feel about their job. What do you have to lose?