Executive Coaching

Are you ready to:

  • Become the best leader you can be?
  • Reap the benefits of running a highly efficient department or organization?
  • Have engaged employees who want to help you meet and exceed your goals?

We may be your KEY to Success!

One-on-One with the Coach

Get intensive one-on-one coaching in a safe, focused, confidential environment where you can quickly:

  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Polish your communication skills
  • Get past roadblocks that you have to success
  • Work through critical business issues
  • Make sustainable changes to behaviors you’ve wanted to transform for a long time
  • Feel a higher level of confidence

You can get these results and more in as little as a couple of hours a month without ever leaving your office!

What Clients Say

“An internal positive dialogue has replaced the negatives…and that is a huge step for me.”

“I have learned to take a moment, sit back and realize that I have (and am) accomplishing things! I found myself wondering if I was doing enough or contributing enough in my position…all the while feeling strapped for time due to the many projects that I have not only created, but committed to on my plate. You have allowed me to see that I do matter to the senior team and to stop “beating myself up” over things that aren’t there. An internal positive dialogue has replaced the negatives…and that is a huge step for me!

Ms. Tammy Harrigan, Vice President of Marketing & Communications

“I enthusiastically endorse Yvonne as an executive coach.”

“Our consulting firm retained Yvonne as an executive coach as my three business partners and I sorted out our dreams, challenges, and opportunities. She worked with each of us confidentially and competently, leading each of us to informed decisions on our life directions. At the end of the year, we negotiated a very successful acquisition of our firm by a premier international management consulting organization. I know that we were able to move confidently through this acquisition largely because of Yvonne’s professional assistance. She helped us focus, communicate, and act with confidence and common purpose. Yvonne’s style is intense, yet good-humored, coaching rather than judgmental, and considerate. She is a gentle person; however, she is not shy about calling the question when it needs calling. And she is very, very intelligent and perceptive. As you can tell, I enthusiastically endorse Yvonne as an executive coach.”

Charles E. Carlson, CEO

“You can add two more to your long list of success stories!”

“Since going through one-on-one coaching with you, Ryan has been prepared for meetings, exceeded deadline expectations, and is leading a major initiative for the company. Recently, the CEO complimented Ryan on his full management report and the delivery of the information. Ryan is very complimentary of the time you have spent with him; stating that you have made him look at situations more critically and from a different perspective. He is much more confident and prepared to deal with both positive and not so positive interactions. Counting Ryan and me, you can add two more to your long list of success stories!”

Chief Operating Officer