I am a new board Chair. Even though I have worked with many credit union boards over the last 20 years, this is a new role for me and I am learning how to be an effective leader for our board. I have run six board meetings now and am starting to feel more comfortable in my role.

My experience as Vice Chair and my plethora of experience with credit unions has helped. But, do you know what has helped me the most? The feedback that I have received from my fellow board members and the management staff.

“You did a great job running the meeting. One tip that I have is to ….”

“You are doing a great job as chair! Nice facilitation of the meeting this week and a really good summary of where we stand with the critical measures.”

“The discussion on that one topic did get a little long. I know you were trying to get to a resolution but tabling the item for next month was the right decision.”

These are some of the comments that I have received recently from my fellow credit union board members and management. I have gotten many more over the last six months, and I am grateful that everyone feels comfortable being open and honest with me.

Everyone needs and desires some sort of feedback and recognition, whether they are in a new role or have been with the organization for a long time. What are you personally doing at your organization to recognize and support others?

During this season of Thanksgiving, let’s be grateful for the people who provide us feedback, support, and recognition but let’s also each take action to recognize and support others.