Board Services

Is Your Board Performing at Its Peak?

Being a board member can be challenging. And don’t forget the level of liability you take on in that role. The decisions you make are critical to the success of the organization. Fortunately, we have trained thousands of board members to understand their roles and responsibilities, and feel confident in their decisions. We have provided them with the tools that they need to carry out their important roles. And we can do the same for you!

YME Board Services can:

  • Help your board understand its roles and responsibilities.
  • Ensure you have a strong recruitment process for new board members.
  • Facilitate board discussions to enable the organization to have a focused strategic direction.
  • Ensure that your organization has an onboarding process in place where new board members get the training and access to all of the information they need to be effective board members.

What Clients Say

“Our board and executive management team have a newfound trust in each other.”

“The best thing about working with Yvonne was her ability to invoke people into having meaningful discussions. She creates a “safe” environment for individuals to ask any and all questions, and then helps facilitate the board to come up with and feel comfortable with their answers and decisions. By using Yvonne, our board and executive management team have a newfound trust in each other. Each party knows what is expected of them, but also understands what is expected of the other party.”

Mr. Carl Thomas, Board Chair

“Our engagement with YME has made us a better and stronger board.”

“When the board decided to engage YME Coaching and Consulting, LLC to coach our CEO, we recognized that with NCUA’s board training emphasis; it would be beneficial for us to go through a yearlong training process ourselves. After an initial self-evaluation, in which we learned much about our shortcomings as a board, Yvonne focused our training sessions in these areas. We had several new people join the board just as we were starting this training process. After our training was completed, one of our newer board members stated, “Having Yvonne share her extensive experience, level-headed insight, and no-nonsense approach has been one of the biggest contributors to me gaining the knowledge and confidence needed to carry out my role as a board member.” As we got to know Yvonne and she got to know us, it was a natural fit to again use her expertise as a facilitator at our strategic planning session. Again, her knowledge and experience kept us on track which allowed us to develop a formal strategic process and plan.”

Mr. John Kline, Board Chair

“The board is moving ahead much thanks to your wise consult and helping us get on track.”

Mr. William Brewer, Board Chair