Balance pictureWhen Yvonne and I first talked about me writing this column for her e-newsletter/blog, the vision was pretty simple. As someone in a more entry level position and someone who is a young professional, I might bring a different and interesting perspective to the readers.

I took a pretty simple approach for all of the columns before this: I stated things my supervisors did that frustrate me and what I would like to see them do better.

But as I mentioned in my last post, I recently took some big risks. I moved to a new city to start a position in a completely different field. I now work in a small nonprofit as opposed to a large-scale retail store.  I have one supervisor as opposed to eight and she and I have almost no disagreements.

So I realized I might have to take on a new tactic to this column and address some of the things that I think I should do better. Right now, that is work-life balance. I have never been salaried before so I was never allowed to work too many hours. I now have the freedom to stay as late as I want and unfortunately that typically means a decent amount more than what they ask of me. And surprisingly it’s the only thing my supervisor and I disagree about.

So my thought would be this. It’s important to stick to deadlines, but that applies at home too. Since putting in these extra hours, I’ve forgotten to keep in touch with people who helped me get here in the first place.

Author Janice Marturano puts it this way, ““There is no work-life balance. We have one life. What’s most important is that you be awake for it.” So that is my challenge to you this month – Make sure that you are awake and active in your life.